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Along the big footprints hardware manufacturing industry in our country from big to strong

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Hardware industry is a traditional and emerging and modern industry. Metal products, widely used in the past, people call it hardware, such as nails, scissors, wrench, tool of what, conveniently to buy back the need to store several, nobody take these things as how objects. But don't look at these small metal products, has now developed into a big industry of world influence. 'In 1956, the streets to our factory, at that time the workshop is a room, there is no equipment. 'Double happiness cooker group co. , LTD. , chairman of Jiang Tianen recalls,' the factory mainly produces aluminum pans and POTS. Until 1964, when we put the superior leadership inspection abroad do samples back to 'the pot', in this way, the new China's first developed a pressure cooker, thus laid a our enterprises in domestic cooker industry leading position. 'Double happiness cooker group co. , LTD. Now, the products have been from the past single varieties of pressure cooker, developed a rice cooker, induction cooker, all kinds of pot with a variety of products, products are exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia and other countries and regions, the company's total assets reached $10. With the era development, hardware products to the rich people can feel. Only in the case of small locks, lock family just before the general home locks, bicycle locks, but with the development of the motorcycle, automobile industry, high-grade residential, some enterprises to develop suitable for modern transportation of all kinds of motorcycle, car locks, anti-theft lock safety lock. Not only lock the varieties increased, but traditional product shows into high-tech, electronic lock, fingerprint lock, etc appeared; According to statistics, China hardware products from 40 kinds of products in the early 1980 s, less than 500 varieties, soared to more than 10000 varieties, increased 20 times from earlier years. Product category has been from the past traditional daily hardware, architectural hardware, tools, hardware three major categories, increased to include the shower room, gas appliances, suction platoon lampblack, kitchen equipment, cooking utensils and other 10 kinds of products. The number of hardware in our country enterprise from the early 80 s, more than 2000 increased to more than 50000. The scale of the enterprise more than one hundred million yuan from 1988 statistics of three-ring, Zhang Xiaoquan, solid strength, the Great Wall seiko, whedon 14 companies such as power, rapid rise to more than 100 today. Now, the hardware scale companies have mostly modern factories. And the company's production workshop, for example, tall buildings to the modern style of natural lighting design, is conducive to production, and environmentally friendly, completely out of hardware companies in the past in people's minds, '' small and poor backward image. In the coastal area of zhejiang, guangdong, jiangsu, Shanghai, shandong and other places, has formed many characteristic economy industry base, hardware industry became the mainstay of local industry or the development of industry, and occupies an important position in the national hardware industry, such as xiaolan town in guangdong province and zhejiang province yuhuan county has become a famous hardware production and export base in China; Yangjiang in guangdong province has formed China's largest production base of knife cut; In wenzhou, zhejiang province was awarded the title of 'China locks'; Hebei anping wire mesh industry base, Asia 80% of the wire mesh from anping. Hardware industry in China by 20% year on year growth steady development, annual output value of 400 billion yuan, higher than the home appliance industry. Data show that hardware products exports in 2005 to 305. 1. 2 billion dollars, year-on-year growth of 26. 44%. Our country the whole light industry exports accounted for about 25% of the national total exports, exports of hardware industry in light industry top three. A: raw materials rise in price to hardware enterprise what to do
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