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Analysis of Causes of Wrinkles on the Surface of Stretching Parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
Stretching parts is a very common metal processing part, which is widely used in various fields. Stretching parts manufacturers will encounter many production problems during the production process. One of the most common problems is surface wrinkles. Next, Precision will analyze the causes of wrinkles on the surface of the drawing part during the drawing process: (1) The drawing depth of the stamping part is too deep, which causes the sheet material to flow too fast during the processing process and form wrinkles. (2) During the stretching process, the R angle of the die is too large, so that the punch cannot fix the material during the stretching process, which causes the sheet to flow too fast and form wrinkles. (3) The pressure of the ejector rod is too small, so that the stamping part cannot be completely formed and wrinkles will also be formed. (4) The positioning design of the mold is unreasonable, which causes the stamping parts to be unable to hold down the material during the stretching process, causing wrinkles. (5) If the gap between the molds is too large, the material cannot be pressed during the stretching process, which will also cause the produced stretched parts to wrinkle. [Related recommendation] Learn more: The drawing characteristics of cylindrical deep drawing parts Learn more: What factors affect the quality of automotive stamping parts Learn more: How to design stamping parts
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