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Brief introduction of bending parts in stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
Stamping parts processing plant, processing all kinds of metal stamping parts, mechanical parts stamping parts, bending parts, etc. Below we are talking about this bent part, which is also a bent part, and its processing technology; the structural shape, size, accuracy, material and technical requirements of the bent part in the stamping part must meet the requirements of the bending process, and the shape of the bent part should be It should be as symmetrical as possible, and the bending radius should be the same on the left and right to prevent the deviation caused by uneven force of the blank when the stamping part is bent and deformed. When the shape is symmetrical but there is a gap near the deformation zone, in this case, if the blank is still punched out, the bending will cause a fork phenomenon. In severe cases, it is difficult to form a stamping part. A connecting belt should be left where there is a gap to prevent The deviation of the blank during the bending process. The relative radius r/t of the bending parts in the stamping parts should be larger than the relatively small relative bending radius, but it should not be too large, because when the relative bending radius is too large, it will be affected by springback, and the accuracy of the bending parts in the stamping parts is not guaranteed. ; The height h of the bending part in the stamping parts should not be too small, and should conform to h>r+2t. When h is small, the supported length of the bending die is too small, it is not easy to form sufficient bending moment, and it is difficult to obtain an accurate shape Parts. When the part requires h
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