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Do these points to effectively prevent the deformation of stamping gears

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Gears are an important part of modern mechanical transmission and are widely used in various mechanical equipment. According to statistics, among various mechanical failures, gear deformation accounts for about 10.3%. In response to this problem, what measures should stamping parts processing plants take to prevent gear deformation during stamping processing? 1. Reasonable selection of materials: The selection of gear materials should be comprehensively considered according to the requirements of strength, toughness and process performance. According to my country's actual situation, low-carbon alloy carburized steel should be selected. For gears that bear heavy loads and impact loads, steel materials mainly made of Ni-Cr and Ni-Cr-Mo alloy carburized steel are used; for gears with relatively stable load or low power and small modulus, it can also be used without Ni-Mn steel of Ni. Compared with gears made of ordinary electric furnace steel, gears made of this kind of steel have a 3-5 times longer contact and bending fatigue life, and the gear limit load can be increased by 15%-20%. 2. Improve gear installation accuracy: it must be controlled in GB10995-887~du8, the linear speed is higher than 20m/s gear, the pitch limit deviation, the radial runout tolerance of the gear ring, and the tooth direction tolerance must be stable to reach the 7 level accuracy. In the case of a gear with 7-level precision, the tooth part must be reversed and the tooth root boss must be strictly prevented; 3. Heat treatment: Through the heat treatment process, the gear material can be improved, the hardness can be appropriately increased, and the partial overload of the tooth surface can be eliminated or reduced. Anti-flaking ability of tooth surface. For example, for gears in coal mining machinery, deep carburizing and quenching can reduce gear hardening, increase core hardness, smaller residual tensile stress in the transition zone and sufficient hardened layer depth. 4. Choose gear oil according to actual conditions: According to data, 34.4% of mechanical failures are due to insufficient lubrication, and 19.6% are due to improper lubrication. In other words, 54% of mechanical failures are due to lubrication problems. Therefore, choosing a good gear oil is of great significance to improving the service life of gears. 5. Repair: In order to ensure the strength and hardness of the gear, it was decided to use argon arc welding alloy wire for surfacing repair, and then use a polishing machine to reshape the treatment plan, so that the gear teeth after welding can achieve higher hardness and strength without heat treatment. . Through the prevention of gear deformation, the ability to accurately identify equipment failures can be improved, and the failures can be eliminated or reduced in time, and the economic benefits of the stamping parts factory can be improved. Recommended article: How to prevent iron filings from trimming of precision stamping dies Previous: How to take anti-corrosion measures in the processing of metal stamping parts
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