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Electronic stamping parts, metal stamping processing plants

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
The processing technology of electronic stamping parts is cold stamping. Cold stamping refers to the use of various presses, the slider provides the punching force, and the die head is used to complete various actions, so that the material is plastically deformed and the finished product is made. Manufacturing methods for different parts. Common materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum sheet, galvanized sheet, copper sheet, alloy sheet. Electronic stamping parts and metal stamping processing have the following characteristics: the cutting edge surface is flat, smooth, no spots, no scars, no scratches, no surface cracks, etc. Applications: hardware, plastics, electronics, electrical appliances, lighting, toys, mobile phones, computers, power supplies, calculators, telephones, tape recorders, cameras, communication products, medical equipment, automobiles, etc. The simple explanation is that various metal devices are manufactured by physically treating metals such as steel, copper, iron and aluminum. For example: hardware tools, hardware parts, daily use hardware, construction hardware and security products. Most of these hardware products are not final consumer products, and they need to be combined with other products to form products. There are many different types of processing equipment used to manufacture and process hardware. This time I mainly introduce the stamping process of small hardware. Among many small hardware parts, the high-speed continuous stamping production and processing of these small hardware parts has many advantages. For example, high efficiency, high precision, good consistency and strong production capacity. Since high-speed stamping processing is very good, what metal stamping parts processing plants are there in Dongguan? Most customers looking for these manufacturers require non-standard customization, which is very difficult. Non-standard parts must be customized, which is impossible for ordinary stamping factories. Here, we need to find a small metal stamping factory, which has conducted extensive inspections in this area and has been established for a long time. BOSI is a very good choice. More than 20 years of stamping factory time, 30 years of experience in custom electronic stamping parts.
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