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Excellent quality comes from excellent mold

by:Fortuna     2021-04-24
Excellent quality comes from excellent mold high-speed continuous terminal/shrapnel stamping die: precision terminals/shrapnel stamping efficiency is high, high-precision products have advantages in unit price, terminal/shrapnel size tolerance can be guaranteed (cutting size +/-0.01, bending size Within +/-0.03mm). Stable quality, stable performance and high output. Excellent product quality comes from excellent molds. Our mold-a team of sophisticated mold design engineers with 20 years of experience, breaks through the technical difficulties in the stamping industry, and can mass produce in-mold automatic riveting parts, automatic in-mold tapping parts, precision stamping and in-mold injection terminals, etc. Our molds- -Fast mold development cycle (about 12 days for prototype molds, and 20 days for formal mass production molds to complete the initial sample delivery), and quickly respond to the early sample requirements for high-precision shrapnel terminals. The front end of our mold-special product metal stamping parts is jointly developed with customers, and mold design evaluation and review are strictly made to improve the success rate of research and development of terminal shrapnel terminal products and the economy and rationality of mass production. Our molds-stable imported hardware mold processing equipment, regularly perform hardware mold maintenance, establish a corresponding risk inventory of spare parts, and ensure the stability of delivery of various precision shrapnel/terminal products. Our molds---Uprofessional solve the mass production of high-volume and high-difficulty (professionals recognized high-difficulty) hardware shrapnel and terminal stamping parts. Shrapnel terminals have high stamping efficiency, and shrapnel and terminals are cost-effective. Our molds-the molds used in the production of the provincial hardware stamping factory can be free of mold design costs. When the agreed delivery quantity is reached, the mold cost will be refunded. High stamping production efficiency, saving processing cost
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