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Hardware industry is the original sales channels will be replaced

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Recently, the author interviewed, chairman of the China commerce association for WuJiaoHua Peng Baoquan Sir. Peng director as we analyzed the reform and opening-up, metal industry sales channel development. He said, at present, our country's hardware market there are three kinds of marketing mode: one, the original hardware street, street scattered hardware store; Second, specialized hardware mechanical and electrical markets, including traditional and modern; Three, metal chain supermarkets, store sales model. And with the continuous development of market economy, the specialized hardware mechanical and electrical market has become the mainstream market, and the modern supermarket chain is gradually rise, while the original hardware sales model is a street with the development of the market gradually disappear, original hardware industry sales channels will be replaced. , chairman of the China commerce association for WuJiaoHua Peng Baoquan Mr Peng said the director, in recent years, China's hardware industry constantly bigger and stronger, the hardware industry structure, enterprise structure, profound changes have taken place, the main force of private enterprises has developed into a metal industry; Product specialized production base to grow gradually, up to now, the hardware characteristic industrial base to 30; Professional market increasingly obvious trend of origin, regional central cities to the central market, comprehensive and stall type building materials hardware market has entered a consolidation phase, gradually to the supermarket and professional direction & amp; 白马王子; & 白马王子; The hardware sales market from the beginning to intermediate level, the change of the intermediate to modernization, to present a variety of mechanisms coexist and professional development, witnessed the development of hardware circulation channels. In the 1980 s a particular crowd on a path to go out of business, they are walking from the early stages of reform and opening up as the site of jiangsu and zhejiang hardware businessmen, have a certain amount of money and, on the basis of the accumulation of experience, led around a relative or a colleague on the way out for business. This one, but let them out of the life of a new world, brought a new model for the metal logistics, that is hardware street forms of metal logistics channels. Metal street feeder marketing mode of operation from the boom in the early 1980 s, in most now demolition and reconstruction. Hardware street since the end of 90 hit from the hardware mechanical and electrical market gradually, upgrade is inevitable. The hardware of a once prosperous logistics has gradually become relics. In recent years, with the accelerating pace of the construction of the professional market, reasonable layout of hardware professional market in China has been formed. The market scale and operating varieties of match the district hardware mechanical and electrical production and consumption, and traffic conditions, and adapt to the local economic development level, the basic constitutes the information flow, network, variety complete, timely supply of hardware mechanical and electrical logistics system. And with the continuous development of the hardware market, prosperity, these newly emerging hardware products circulation channels also destined to replace the original sales channels. Hardware products prosperity of the market, the production of the boom stimulating the production of products, and formed the interaction between production and market circulation, all hardware mechanical and electrical professional construction of the market, has been basically formed origin type and flow-through, large and small and medium-sized, integrated with simple and reasonable collocation, supplement each other, the national hardware market professional market overall planning and rational layout, complete varieties, the pattern of the smooth circulation of logistics, are gradually toward the function diversification and standardization management. A: 2009 Chinese hardware industry top ten list for start
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