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Heze hardware stamping parts processing plant, precision hardware parts performance requirements + stamping accuracy up to 0.01mm ()

by:Fortuna     2021-04-11
Heze Hardware Stamping Parts Processing Factory has talked about the performance requirements of precision metal stamping parts. What are the main performance requirements? Xiaoshuo collected some relevant information, and let’s take a look at it: (1) The precision requirements of stamping parts In order to meet the precision requirements of stamping parts, the number of processes needs to be determined by the calculation of the stamping process, because it is not only related to the material Factors such as nature, drawing height, and number of drawing steps are related, and conditions such as drawing diameter and material thickness will also be involved. (2) The exquisiteness requirements of stamping parts When the stamping parts meet the requirements of precision and fineness, the exquisiteness of the workpiece becomes the new process standard. When the cross-section quality and dimensional accuracy of the stamping parts are required to be high, it is possible to consider adding a trimming process after the punching process, or directly adopting the precision blanking process, so as to obtain exquisite stamping parts to increase their value. (3) Refinement requirements of stamping parts Regarding the refinement requirements of stamping parts, the number of processes mainly depends on the complexity of its structure and shape, so it needs to be determined after comprehensive consideration of factors such as the number of bending angles, relative positions, and bending directions. . Hardware, 15 years of focus on Heze metal stamping parts processing plant, 20,000+ sets of customized stamping die production experience, monthly processing capacity of 100+ sets of molds, hundreds of precision processing production equipment, daily production capacity of 3 million punches, silk-like stamping accuracy Up to 0.01mm, the raw materials are imported and the original national standard factory, and 16 quality inspections are strictly controlled. It can quickly solve time-critical problems for you, solve stamping accuracy problems, and solve production quality problems. Choose, choose to rest assured!
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