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How did Miss Sun from Wuhan choose a precision metal stamping company to choose hardware?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-15
In mid-July 2018, Miss Sun from Wuhan came to Dongguan by a friend and found hardware. She said that when she chose a precision metal stamping parts company, she contacted nearly ten manufacturers, but did not find her ideal cooperation. partner. Miss Sun's company is a company that makes auto parts, and it uses a lot of hardware. During the years she worked, not only did she encounter new products in proofing, some precision stamping parts companies have been working for a long time, and the accuracy of the prototypes is not up to standard. I often encounter a set of mold grinding and grinding when the mold is opened, and it is too late to keep up with the time. There is not only a delay in time during mass production, but also complaints about poor quality in the production line. Delayed research and development time, delayed production time, missed shipping time, and affected the golden cycle of product launch. I don’t know that I missed hundreds of millions of company profits......... , I sent a product first, let the hardware proofing first, and the required time is one week. Engineering Department Li Gong sent this model to Miss Sun on the fifth day. After confirming that it was correct, the mold was notified and the required time was 25 days. Master Li was also in charge, and completed the production and sampling of this set of molds in a total of 17 days. Including the subsequent batch delivery, including every work communication, Miss Sun said happily that she had contacted so many precision metal stamping parts companies and met and solved too many problems that she wanted to solve before!
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