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How the metal stamping molding?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
Sheet metal at between male die and female die forming technology used in process of manufacture hollow shape, deep to shallow depth. Piercing: using the special tools on the sheet metal and the cut out a certain size of batch production process can be applied. Similar: cutting and punching process, the difference is that the former use down part, while the latter after cutting sheet metal spare parts. Shear: using the method of shear cutting metal, with a pair of scissors cut from the best position paper is a truth. Chip shape: when the metal cutting has a way of cutting chip production are collectively referred to as chip forming, including milling, drilling, lathe processing and grinding, sawing, etc. Craft. No chip forming: using existing modelling of metal strip or sheet metal, etc. No chip is formed. This kind of technology including chemical processing, corrosion, electric discharge machining, sandblasting processing, laser cutting, water jet cutting and hot cutting, etc.
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