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How to cut metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
In the processing of metal stamping parts, shearing is one of the most basic processes. A reasonable choice of metal stamping parts cutting equipment, according to the size of the production batch, the geometry and size of the cut metal stamping parts are different. There are many ways including: 1. Hand shears and such as shears 2. Shearing on vibrating shears 3. Shearing on discs 4. Shearing on gantry shears 5. Shearing on uncoiling line; suitable for 1 mm Metal stamping parts with inner thickness, the blanking or semi-finished products of stamping parts are hand-cut and such as shears. Suitable for straight or curved metal stamping blanks with a thickness of 2 mm are vibrating shears; the cutting edge is close to this fixed bottom The cutting blade moves back and forth quickly, and the number of reciprocation can reach 1200-2000 times per minute; it cuts on the disc; its scissors are disc-shaped, and the upper and lower disc knives rotate at the same speed and opposite direction during cutting. The sheared stamping sheet material enters into the blade by the friction between the material half body and the blade to complete the shearing. There are two types of shearing on the gantry shearing machine: flat blade shearing machine and oblique blade shearing machine. The upper and lower edges of the flat-blade shearing machine are parallel, and the stamping parts are cut across the entire width at the same time when working. The flatness of the cut blank is relatively good, and its shearing force is relatively large, and it is generally used for the shearing of thin sheets; for shearing on the oblique-blade shearing machine, the upper and lower blades cross at a certain angle. Compared with the flat-blade shearing machine, the shearing force is small and the work is more stable. However, the pressure of the upper and lower shearing blades will cause the cut blank to bend downwards and squeeze out from the cut to produce distortion. , Especially when cutting thick and narrow strips, the distortion is particularly serious. It is often necessary to level; the article recommends: What's wrong with the feeding of molds in stamping parts processing? Previous post: What is the hazard of the eccentric load of the press used in stamping parts processing?
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