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Manufacturer of metal stamping parts business quotation skills

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
A good offer, is often half the battle. But the vast majority of metal stamping parts manufacturers offer salesman or boss is too casual. Which can lead to some potential customer quietly lost also don't know. From what way the source of customers, customer inquiry, for the first time do the manufacturer of metal stamping parts business should pay attention to these problems. A, need to enemy and know yourself, know the customer's specific situation, before quote. Most of the salesman when after receive customer inquiry, look at the drawings or give the drawings to the engineer, rushed into a simple quotation. Behind the result is not below, sink, no news, so lost a lady. Which have a plenty of price, and have a plenty of due to quote too reckless lack of rigorous, non-standard informal impression to each other. Under normal circumstances, the real needs of customers will ask you the address of the company in advance, such as production capacity, what is the equipment and so on aspects of the problem, will ask you and even those well-known enterprise cooperation, there are processed the same kind of metal stamping parts no and so on. See drawings, after carefully review, see if there are any drawings design problems, if there is a problem must be put forward with the client before the quotation, if the proposed after quotation, will let the customer feel you are not professional or is going to rise, the serious influence subsequent progress. For new products, that is, can ask the customer to the stamping parts, purpose, and what effect in the product have what effect, etc. , combining their expertise to customers recommend more suitable material or processing scheme. Second, learn to choose, a judge for yourself whether real customers in need. Some salesman think as long as there is inquiry, regardless of the other party's situation, will be seriously to offer, then the chance of success. Actually otherwise, after receiving inquiry, must first distinguish this is the real customer, avoid on peer or boring people waste your valuable time. Can distinguish whether the real customers by the following: 1, ask the person you company name and contact information if you don't tell you the company name and contact information, you must be aware of this inquiry. A big possibility is peer inquiry. 2, see drawings if drawings are very unprofessional, even the basic tolerance grade, material requirements, such as drawing number are not marked. Could this case or preliminary stage, and finally will implement are unknown, the possibility of unreliable is larger. 3, look at the customer's concern in the factory the real customers are more concerned with the actual situation of the factory, such as: how many sets of punch, can the independent processing can stamping moulds, surface treatment and so on. There are a lot of customer inquiry, just want to have a look at your quotation, and then asked for your price for your reference, several price for the customer, no matter what kind of price, are difficult to clinch a deal. For this customer, it is suggested that sent him to the other peer counseling. Third, the offer must be on time. Metal stamping parts is more complex, so the quotation need stamping mold master, master comprehensive calculation, so it takes time to make quotation. But promised to the customer offer time, be sure to do it, if the time don't really have to calculate the price, also need to inform customer in advance and inform new quotation time.
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