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Mesh manufacturers in the process of punching bending pores appear punching size deviation

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
In a punch forming process are often composed of a variety of processes, and mesh stamping with more is bending process, the problems often encountered in the bending process is: in the process of the bending punch size deviation. Produced in the process of mesh processing stamping the blank edge cause need to grinding of cutting tool, and check whether the clearance between punch and bottom die is reasonable. Also exist in the process of bending mesh unstable phenomenon, mainly aimed at the question of U and V bending, to bend, the bend before the products to bending of guide rail, as well as to the bending process of extrusion, to avoid the mesh in the process of bending problem such as slip and fall off. When the upper die edges shape changes, if the cut end is tilted or curved surface, the cutting force is reduced, cutting easy tips, mesh size tend to be larger, and when the punch end is one of the most simple surface, mesh size tend to be smaller. After bending on tool wear, mesh bending tensile stress increases, punching netease flip and twisting. When occurring topple, mesh size would decrease. Mesh strong repression and bowl scaffolding will germinate materials become specifications varieties, make the mesh size is big, when strong suppression of slow, can make the mesh size smaller. Mesh processing punching bending process dimension change of the above three reasons.
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