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Metal processing enterprises how to break the spell

by:Fortuna     2021-02-15
Are now in the metal processing industry, various DaWuJin giant development smoothly and sweeping. And prospects for development also more optimistic, and the broad masses of small and medium-sized metal processing enterprises, which is what small hardware processing factory, metal stamping parts factory enterprise, survival is difficult, the order quantity is small, low competitiveness, survival space was sidelined. Although we know now hardware giants are made by small hardware processing factory, metal stamping parts factory hardware such as enterprise development, is also a 'bloody' all the way through, just have today's achievement. 'Threshold' of small and medium-sized enterprises to, walk the past is the door, but talk about successful experience; Hard is just candy, fading away. 'Failures', small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) across is success stories in the past, however, and you can only be classified as the number of failed businesses. A year more than 2011 'shortage', in the face of 'money shortage' and 'electricity', 'labor shortage', such as all kinds of waste, small and medium-sized enterprises how to don't panic is a major problem worth thinking about. The central bank to raise interest rates, the small and medium-sized enterprise financing difficult, pure labor-intensive industry chain is very difficult to go long term. The transformation and upgrading is not Shouting slogans can succeed just so simple. In hardware enterprises, how to break through the Matthew effect spell, get rid of the weak weaker hat, the hardware environment in difficult 'squeezed'? The author believes that the development of small and medium-sized enterprise should find suitable for their own way. With strength, for example, transformation and upgrading of enterprises, when selection transformation, ensure its keeping pace in the complex environment, into the 'fittest' in the survival of the fittest, superior bad discard the 'optimal'; Technical supports and transformation of power enterprises, which can be 'group' development, 'means' to keep warm in the cold hardware environment, combine the advantage of a few companies, common on a new step; Or you can choose 1 n mode, a few home from a big enterprise, small business development. To sum up, our hardware processing plants and metal processing enterprises such as metal stamping parts factory cannot doing nothing, must seek new measures for the development of enterprise, innovation, break the spell of hardware industry. A: on the development direction of stamping parts processing
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