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Metal stamping lathe equipment processing pay attention to the point

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
The attention of the stamping process of lathe equipment! Stamping parts processing is my company for many years engaged in the project, the effect of the reaction in the market is also good! About stamping parts processing lathe equipment attention point mainly as follows: don't open cuffs, wearing tight protective clothing. Long hair to wear helmets, operation is not wearing gloves. Chuck, faceplate must err on the side of the bolt, to tighten before use; Cone axis chuck to mount lever. Homework before must view the lathe work condition, found that the problem timely, the clamping workpiece and tool to tighten. Clamping workpiece chuck, dial, and the heart of the protruding part of the best use of shield, avoid wrings clothes and other parts of the body. If no shield, should notice when operating interval, don't close to. To ban workpiece turns around emery cloth by hand sanding parts or applied sanding light parts, sand hole and cylindrical light is required with a wooden stick around emery cloth. For cutting down the continuous chip, long spiral chip, use the hook to root out in time, no pull with hands. In addition to the active measurement equipment mounted on the lathe work, all should parking measuring work-piece, and move the tool post to a safe location. When turning slender workpiece, for guaranteeing the safety should be chosen in the middle or follow rest, grow lathe parts should have tags. Chip cuts to prevent collapse, on the appropriate orientation device should be lit baffle. Metal stamping parts material refers to material's ability to adapt to a variety of stamping processing method. Such as easy processing, easy to get high quality and high precision metal stamping parts, high production efficiency, A stamping process limit deformation degree and the total limit deformation degree) , mold consumption is low, not easy the creation of waste, etc. Sheet metal stamping performance is a comprehensive concept, metal stamping parts can after forming and forming quality depends on the forming limit ( The fracture resistance) , stick mold and shape to freeze. Forming limit refers to the sheet metal forming process can achieve the maximum deformation degree, deformation degree under this material not fracture. Forming limit is stamping materials may be considered as the fracture resistance. The better the performance of stamping forming of materials, material fracture resistance is better, the forming limit is higher. Material of mould sex refers to the sheet metal in the process of stamping mould shape ability. Shape frozen sex refers to the part after ejection maintain its ability to in acquiring the shape of the mould. There are many influence factors in post model, forming process of inside collect, buckling and collapse and summoned the geometric imperfection will make stick model is reduced. Is the most main factors that influence the shape of frozen rebound, the part after ejection, often the larger shape error due to springback is too large. A: metal stamping mould
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