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Metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Dongguan metal stamping parts relative to the size deviation, convex and concave die is mainly from the die parts ( Falling objects) Or removed from the punch, Punching parts) , because of the material by extrusion deformation, bending of fiber elongation, arch caused by elastic recovery. Deviation values may be positive, also may be negative. Factors affecting the deviation are: convex and concave die clearance, material properties, the shape and size. The main factor is the convex and concave die clearance values. サ gas die gap is bigger, the material is subjected to tensile, after cutting, due to the elasticity of the material to make size shrinkage in the direction of the entity, blanking pieces fall with size less than die size, punching aperture is greater than the diameter of punch. Stamping die in the cold stamping processing, the material ( Metal or nonmetal) Processed into parts ( Or semi-finished products) A kind of special process equipment, called cold stamping die ( Commonly known as the cold die) 。 Stamping is at room temperature, installed on the pressure of mold to pressure on the material, make its produce a separation or plastic deformation, to obtain the required parts of a pressure processing method. Stamping die is an essential part of stamping production technology and equipment, is a technology-intensive products. Stamping parts quality, production efficiency and production cost, etc. , and mold design and manufacturing has a direct relationship. Mold design and manufacturing technology level of high and low, is the measure of a country manufacturing level one of the important marks of on any account, to a great extent, decides the quality of products, and new product development capability. Stamping size precision blanking pieces refers to the actual size of the difference between the size of the base, the smaller the difference, the accuracy is higher, the difference value deviation, including two aspects of the stamping parts relative to the punch or die size deviation, 2 it is manufacturing deviation of blanking die itself. A: lock pieces of metal stamping parts hardness testing
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