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Metal stamping parts list application field

by:Fortuna     2020-06-03
Detail hardware stamping literally; Hardware refers to some steel or nonferrous metal processing parts, and stamping is at room temperature, steel/non-ferrous metal material by mold, processing the required pressure provided by press forming for a given shape, so metal stamping applications all have? Metal stamping application areas: 1, the stamping of automobile industry. Give priority to with deep drawing. In our country, this part mainly concentrated in the car, tractor factory, and aircraft factory, independent large stamping drawing plant matter. 2, auto parts, stamping. Mainly forming punching and shearing. On the departments of enterprises have a lot of scale factory, there are some independent stamping factory, some factory or tractor factory near there are many such small factory. 3, electric parts stamping factory. This kind of plant is a new industry, with the development of electrical appliances and developed, the department of factory mainly concentrated in the south. 4, family daily necessities stamping factory. Do some arts and crafts, tableware, etc. , the factory also has a bigger development in recent years. 5, household appliances parts stamping factory. These plants are developed in China's household electrical appliances, only after the surface of the big department distribution within the household appliance enterprises.
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