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Metal stamping parts processing factory share: efforts to improve the die life

by:Fortuna     2021-01-31
Metal stamping parts processing factory technician told the author: through the analysis of the influence factors of metal stamping die life, there are a variety of factors affecting the service life of mould, these factors should be considered in the design of the mold, so as to design more economic and efficient mold, cold stamping die for special purposes, should be combined with its own request design economy applicable mould, experience from technical division, the following points are summarized, for everybody to share learning: 2. 1, the correct selection of hardware stamping mould materials punch working conditions worse than the concave die, punch better than the material of die materials. Large quantities of blanking, attention should be paid to choose mold material should be high strength, good abrasion resistance and good toughness, mould materials. 2. 2, the reasonable structure of metal stamping parts stamping mould design, mould service life is the necessary premise of metal stamping die service life has a lot to do with reasonable structure design, at the beginning of the design in the guarantee other stamping die design requirements. Must ensure that the mold of the toughness, stiffness and strength, to ensure the stamping die in the process of blanking die of convex and concave die and other components not due to deformation of the blanking force influence, damage or increase the degree of wear and tear. Mold design should be used as guide of mold design, mold design clearance should also be considered at the same time, the design is too small or too large gap also can increase the degree of convex and concave die wear, which can lead to mold damage, reduce the service life. 2. 3, to the rational use of mould maintenance in the process of production of metal stamping, stamping blank should be after phosphating or copper plating process is to reduce frictional resistance at work, prevent mould to bite, so before stamping sheet metal must pass a preheat to improve the material processing performance, thus reducing the possibility of crack and prolong the life of the mould so. Punching the lubrication is also a kind of good method, good lubrication obviously increases the surface roughness of sheet metal, reduce friction resistance and reduce wear and prolong the service life of mould, in stamping parts with complex shape, the lubrication is all the more important. Mold deposit, should keep a certain gap between upper and lower mold, in order to protect the blade is not damaged. Punch, punch into the depth of the concave die to control well, so as not to wear. In the practice of the stamping, blanking, stamping after a period of time, concave and convex mold will appear wear away, edge wear phenomenon of the trench. If the repair mode, reduce the friction resistance, prevent wear trench to crack at the same time, also can avoid the concave die and punch after worn parts additional bending moment caused by uneven clearance, prolong the service life of mould. Die and punch parts again after grinding, blade clearance more uneven, this time with fine abrasive for edge grinding, polishing, carefully remove grinding burrs, in general, the surface roughness value to reach Ra 0 or less. Under 10 microns, such ability instant elimination of concave and convex die blade wear. 2. 4, mould people know that the good lubrication condition, good lubrication, can mold with antirust function, also can reduce the friction heat, friction, impact pressure, reduce the wear and tear, mold die longevity. Such as when cutting iron, if good lubrication, die life is about poor lubrication of mould about 5 times. Also, types of lubricants used properly can also extend the life of the mold. 2. 5, cold stamping mold processing and assembly quality the service life of cold stamping die and its machining precision and quality is proportional to the, the higher the accuracy and quality of its service life is longer. In the mould of the installation process we will strictly control the clearance between punch and die, and reduce wear. 2. 6, metal stamping die using and maintenance of the right to choose the appropriate equipment and high precision stamping, as well as the appropriate pressure can effectively extend the service life of mould. At the same time in order to reduce the wear and tear to stamping plate coated with a suitable lubricant, mould in when not in use to seal save, properly protected. With the continuous development of modern industrial technology, the industrial product structure and performance is more and more complex, and high temperature, high speed, high friction and corrosion resistance of the working environment is becoming more and more high demand for high-performance materials. Metal stamping mould has the unique advantages of high production efficiency and widely popular with the enterprise, but the metal stamping mold working environment is very bad, so for the metal stamping mold work performance has a very strict requirements, mold in the process of production must have high life, high precision and high performance. 【 Relevant recommendation 】 Details: how much do you know the new energy automotive stamping parts? Details: sharing details of stamping processing industry: precision metal stamping parts figure how to draw, please be aware that this several steps
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