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Method and steps for installing and debugging stamping and drawing dies on double-action punching machine

by:Fortuna     2021-03-03
The steps of installing and debugging the deep drawing die on the double-action punch are as follows: First, choose different transition pads and fasten the blank holder with the transition pad, punch and transition pad with bolts. Second, install the punch and install the punch on the inner slider, the steps are as follows: 1. Lower the inner slider to the bottom dead center. 2. Operate the connecting rod adjustment mechanism of the inner slide block to raise it to a certain position, so that the distance from the lower plane of the inner slide block to the punching table is 10-15 mm larger than the sum of the mold closing height and the thickness of the punch transition pad. 3. Make the inner and outer sliders stop at the top dead center. 4. Place the mold on the worktable, the convex and concave molds are in a closed state. 5. Lower the inner slide block and manipulate the adjustment mechanism of the inner slide block to make contact with the upper plane of the punch transition pad and fasten it with bolts. Third, the installation of the blank holder The blank holder is installed on the outer sliding block, and the steps are similar to the installation of the punch. Fourth, the installation operation of the lower mold The punch lowers the inner and outer slide blocks to close the mold, and the guide determines the position of the lower mold. Then fasten the lower mold on the workbench. Check the empty car and operate the punch for several times, check whether the mold is installed correctly and firmly, check whether the pressure on the blank holder is uniform, and check whether the mold gap is even. Sixth, trial drawing, grinding and adjustment of complex drawing parts generally need to go through multiple trial drawing and grinding of mold working parts and continuous trimming of blanks to finally get qualified drawing parts. Previous post: What is the cause of wrinkles in the deep-drawn parts? How should it be eliminated and resolved?
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