o ring manufacturers, rubber o ring manufacturers, rubber o ring suppliers
o ring manufacturers, rubber o ring manufacturers, rubber o ring suppliers

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The o ring is often used in hydraulic and pneumatic transmission systems and has wide applications. Includes PTFE o ring, polyurethane o ring, neoprene o ring, hnbr o ring, rubber o ring, silicone o ring, teflon o ring, viton o ring etc.


Advantages of o rings are here:

1.Most prominent advantage is its self-sealing effect, eliminating the need for periodic adjustments.They have low frictional resistance and are suitable for occasions where the pressure is often alternating. Good sealing effect.
2. Certified by CE, SGS, ISO9001, Food-grade PTFE Certificate, Food-grade Viton Certificate.

3. Mainly used in the fields of medical treatment, electronics, automobile, communication, new energy, electrical appliances, etc

4. Professional custom service and sealing solution. Competitive Price.

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custom made o rings, wholesale rubber o rings, silicone o ring suppliers

HNBR O Rings

hnbr o rings

Neoprene O Rings

neoprene o rings

Polyurethane O Ring

polyurethane o ring


ptfe o ring

Rubber O Ring

rubber o ring

Silicone O Ring

Silicone O Ring

Teflon O Ring

teflon o ring

Viton O Ring

viton o ring

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