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Our country present stage mould standardization needs to be improved

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Every industry is relatively developed countries, attaches great importance to standardization work, because it brings to the industrial quality, efficiency and effectiveness. Metal stamping mold forming tool is a special product, although the personalization is strong, but also industrial products, so the standardization work is very important. Mould standardization work mainly includes the mould of the formulation and execution of technical standards, mold standard parts production and application and the propaganda of the standards, implementation and promotion, etc. Mould standardization work starts late in China, combined with the propaganda, carry out small and promotion efforts, so the mould standardization lag behind the production, more lags behind many developed countries. Mould developed countries abroad, such as Japan, the United States, Germany, etc. , mould standardization has nearly 100 years of history, the process of making the mould standard, mold standard parts production and supply, has formed a perfect system. And China mould standardization work just after the founding from the 'national mould standardization technology committee began in 1983. China now has about 2 m mold production unit, mold production has made great development, but also can't fully meet the requirements for advanced industrial production, and one of the important reasons is mould standardization degree and the level is not high. Mould standardization system includes four categories of standards in China, namely: the mold base, mould process quality standard, mold standard parts and mold production related technical standards. Mould standards and can be classified by mold is mainly divided into: stamping mould, plastic injection mould, die-casting mould, forging die, fasteners, cold heading die, drawing die, cold extrusion mold, rubber mold, glass mold and wait ten categories of automobile die standard. At present, China 50 many mould standard, a total of more than 300 standard number and automotive stamping die parts of 14 kinds of common devices and 244 varieties, a total of 363 standard. To develop and promote and implement these standards and improve the degree of standardization of China mold and die and level. Along with the increase in international communication, imported mold the development of the localization work and foreign-funded enterprises to the international standards of form a complete set of mould, on the one hand, in the aspect of standard formulating attention as far as possible to adopt international standards or advanced foreign country standards, including the adoption of advanced enterprise standards; On the other hand, many die standard parts production enterprises according to the market need, besides according to Chinese standard production mold standard parts, and at the same time according to the foreign advanced standard production mold standard parts of the enterprise. Such as Japan 'foot and Germany, the United States' DME', 'hass test such as the company's standard has been widely popular in China. Metal stamping mould industry often mentioned 'mould standardization concept is more complex, apart from' standardisation 'is commonly used in machinery industry. The latter generally can be measured by standard parts adoption rate, while the former is often refers to 'die standard parts using coverage. Due to the mould standardization China starts relatively late, die standard parts production and sales, promotion and application are also relatively backward. As a result, less mould standard parts specifications, supply timely, sex of some problems exist for a long time, so that the mold standard parts using coverage has been low. In recent years, although due to the intervention of a foreign-capital enterprise, the ratio has been improved greatly, but overall is still very low. According to preliminary estimates, the current ratio is roughly between 45% and 40%. And international general in more than 70%, of which the small and medium-sized mold at more than 80%. Due to the nature of mould enterprises in China and in different areas, mold standard parts used there are considerable differences in their coverage. Foreign-funded enterprises is higher than other companies, the south of enterprises is higher than the north. The most obvious in guangdong. Guangdong concentrated a large number of foreign-funded enterprises, they lead the change of other enterprise concept and the development of the market, so the use of metal stamping die enterprises die standard parts of guangdong coverage rate is much higher than in other parts of the mold enterprise. Implement the mould standard, adopted mould standard parts, not only can effectively improve the quality of the mould, and can reduce the die mold production cost and shorten the production cycle. Relevant statistics show that the mold standard parts can make the enterprise mould processing time saving 25% Between 30% and 45%, which can shorten the mold production cycle 40%. As industrial products many varieties, small batch, individuation, fast cycle development of production, in order to improve the fast strain ability and competition ability in the market economy, in the mold production cycle is becoming more and more important today, mould standardization significance is more important.
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