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Plastic buckle installation considerations

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Card buckle installation note: card buckle at installation time, operator mainly judged by touch, and sound card buckle is installed in place, so need to pay attention to in the design of the following: 1) , select the appropriate deformation. Card buckle by deformation of the fasteners and rebound installation. And small deformation cause installation is not strong; Too much deformation and can easily lead to difficult or even unable to installation, destroy the card buckle. 2) , design, pay attention to make card buckle when installed on a appeared some obvious phenomena, such as the change of sound and feel. 3) The number of constraints, design, pay attention to the card buckle, not of constraint conditions. Constraint is overmuch, machining accuracy of the demand is higher. In the actual assembly process, easy to cause the installation does not reach the designated position or not. In an article: elbow use stamping processing advantages
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