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Problems and improvement methods of stamping

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Eight, crushed: for mold parts improper installation or foreign body, parts interference strip surface damage caused by bad product appearance. Common chip, punch made room b, jump, mould smudgy, under the punch mould length error c d, corner without eliminating e, scratchy cavities, fan, incoming bad g f, feeding period of bad interference h, mold clamping line interference of I, the caving of the mould parts such as the cause of. The operator must be in accordance with the actual material adverse situation, contrast the above with crucial assumptions, such as by sample in a thorough repair. Nine, warping: strip after punching forming the body caused by bending phenomenon, the causes of imbalance in addition to cutting forming stress lead to radial degrees, the coil packaging cause elastic fatigue, trimming, smooth feeding, the internal stress of the material itself size, homogeneity and so on are affected by. Besides the adjustment of the die set station, rolling flat machine use, the strength of the strip Layout, idle stage Settings, lifting and strip plate, and the stability of material handling and storage has room for improvement. Ten, bruises, materials or finished products in the process of forming the cavities of the friction caused by surface damage. Discriminant of the copper oxide also notice that have a common, right-angle bend gap is too small, too little contact R arc c b. Poor, surface roughness, d, e, improper lubrication friction surface is too long is too high, poor precision mould, f, S. P。 M speed, stroke speed constant g and h, poor symmetry cavities machining adjustment rod I cant Angle, material forming the slip j, and poor precision punch bottom dead center, etc all can cause. So will see after the requirements of the product and processing properties, control and optimization in the variable. Hardware according to the requirements of customers to provide metal shrapnel, metal stamping, LED bracket, precision hardware mold, connectors, electronic precision metal stamping customized solutions, such as stamping parts, terminals, just what exactly do you fill in order do metal shrapnel, metal stamping, the LED bracket, precision hardware mold, connectors, electronic stamping parts and other related information, we will contact you in the first place.
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