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Several principles of precision stamping parts processing

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
In our daily life, many stamping parts need to be precise, exquisite, and meticulous; for precision stamping parts, what are the processing principles in the processing of stamping parts? 1. The principle of precision; the number of processes in the processing of deep-drawn stamping parts is related to the material properties, drawing height, number of drawing steps, drawing diameter, material thickness and other conditions, and needs to be recognized by drawing process accounting talent accounting; 2, fine Principle: The number of processes for bending stamping parts is mainly determined by the messiness of the structure and shape, which needs to be determined according to the number of bending angles, relative directions and bending directions; 3. The principle of exquisiteness; when stamping parts are processed, the section quality and standard When the accuracy requirements are high, you can consider adding a trimming process after the punching process or selecting a fine punching process for the diameter; 4. The principle of precision; when punching a workpiece with a simple shape, you can select a single process die to finish, but in the punching process When the shape of the workpiece is messy, due to the limitation of the structural strength of the mold, the surface and the inside summary should be punched in several parts, and multiple stamping parts processing procedures need to be selected. If necessary, continuous molds can be used. 5. The principle of quality; in order to ensure stamping The quality of parts processing and ensuring the stability of the stamping parts processing process sometimes require an increase in the number of processes, such as the punching of additional positioning holes for bent parts, and the increase in deformation in the forming process to reduce the transfer deformation zone of the hole punching, etc.; recommended article: metal stamping The reason for the cracks in the bending part
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