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Several problems facing the production of large stamping parts processing plants

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
With the development of society, the output of new vehicles has risen, along with the large-scale parts of the stamping industry, and the improvement in quality, stamping parts processing manufacturers are facing more and more problems in terms of production conditions, mainly there are several points; 1. Large-scale The production load problem of stamping parts, according to the scale of production and the existing conditions, the production load problem of large stamping parts will become more and more serious after many years, far beyond the scope of production capacity. If small stamping parts processing manufacturers do not have large stamping parts For mass production capacity, it is necessary to increase the stamping production line to solve the problem; 2. With the improvement of the market's automotive hardware stamping product quality requirements, stamping factories urgently need to improve the quality assurance capabilities of stamping parts, increase production efficiency, and reduce production costs. Under the premise of guaranteeing the quality of stamping parts, it is also necessary to ensure a comprehensive layout from raw material preparation, stamping production, warehousing and logistics, etc., to change, improve production conditions, and improve management; 3. Insufficient stamping equipment for supporting facilities, high-end commercial vehicles The increase in output has not only increased the production load of large parts in the stamping plant, but the demand for tonnage of the press has exceeded the current level. The current enterprise’s largest press has a rated tonnage of 1600t, and the actual demand for the largest part exceeds 2200t. Combined with the actual situation of the factory, the comprehensive market scale , It is necessary to introduce larger tonnage press equipment, and define the maximum rated tonnage at 2400t; 4. Low production efficiency, high labor intensity, etc.; article recommendation: hardware automobile stamping parts production improvement process Previous: stamping parts manufacturing process The difference between plate punching and pipe punching
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