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So auto stamping mold enterprise is how to develop?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
1. Design change multiple vehicle body of large amount of data, coordination of the components and parts workload is bigger, often appear data change again and again. This is a normal phenomenon in the process of development, must be unconditional acceptance for mold factory, and to quickly implement to mold the development process. This can make the mould development changes, involves the mould development plan change, design change, change. But auto oems for period generally do not change, mold factory must be in accordance with the quality requirements to ensure time limit for a project, it puts forward the demanding for mold factory requirements. 2. High quality with the improvement of China's automobile manufacturing level, the vehicle is becoming more and more high quality requirements. For mold factory, parts size tolerance, surface, material utilization, the mould structure complexity, mold the requirement of the automation level and the die life is more and more close to the international advanced level. Oems to mold acceptance criteria are mostly USES the international standard requirements, quality requirements more and more strict, for mold factory, acceptance of quantitative data and human factors. 3. Customer delivery short oems in order to meet the demands of market competition, most try to shorten the cycle of new product development. Normal vehicle mold development cycle are generally in 16 months, while vehicle manufacturers in China a shares to mold factory in 8 - only Ten months, some even put forward six months or a shorter time. As a result of the need of mold manufacturer competition, are generally determined by the vehicle manufacturer development time, so the mold development cycle is an indicator of each mold factory level ability for mold factory, how to in a short period to ensure the quality of mold development level and is a serious test, is also the embodiment of the management level. A: metal stamping jargon
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