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Springback solution auto stamping metal parts, auto detection characteristics of stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-16
Car is in the middle of the manufacturing process is made up of hundreds of thousands of stamping parts. The pressing matter is to have all kinds of metal stamping parts, precision metal parts, electronic components, such as patchwork. The manufacturing quality of stamping parts for vehicle quality influence is very big, for cars and all kinds of passenger car is all the more important. In the manufacture of stamping parts, enabling for large stamping parts with complex space geometry, interior parts, welding artisan run into, or for easy small stamping parts, such as interior parts, more use of specialized testing jig ( Submit) As a critical testing means, for product quality control procedures. Test fixture with quick, accurate, intuitive, convenient, such as strength, especially suitable for mass production need. Since the middle of eighty times, along with the rapid development of the car and bus industry, stamping parts fixture in the use of China's auto industry has been quite common. Metal stamping parts springback for automotive stamping parts are difficult to solve the problem, it is not a perfect method to effect a radical cure stamping rebound, we need to further study for stamping the springback problem. So what factors affecting springback auto stamping metal parts have? 1. Material properties have different strength of stamping parts in car body, from the ordinary plate to Gao Qiangban, different plates with different yield strength, yield strength is higher, the easier it is to appear the springback phenomenon. 2. Materials in the process of forming, the thickness of sheet thickness on the bending performance has a great influence, with the increase of the thickness of the sheet metal, the springback phenomenon will gradually reduce, this is because with the increase of the thickness of the sheet metal, participate in the plastic deformation of the material increases, and elastic recovery deformation will increase, therefore, the springback smaller. 3. Parts shape different parts in the shape of springback difference is very big, complex shape of plastic parts tend to increase the order, to prevent the occurrence of springback phenomenon of forming is not in place, and more are part of the special shape parts easy to appear the springback phenomenon, such as u-shaped parts, based on the analysis of the forming process, the springback compensation issues must be considered. 4. Parts blank-holder force blank-holder force of stamping process is an important technological measures, through continuous optimization of blank holder force, can adjust the material flow direction, to improve the stress distribution inside the material. Increase of blank holder force can make parts drawing more fully, especially the parts sidewall and R Angle position, if fully, can reduce stress difference inside and outside, to reduce the springback. 5. Drawbead drawbead has been widely applied in today's technology, reasonable setting the location of the drawing, can effectively change the direction of material flow and distribution of effective pressure on the surface of the feeding resistance, thus improve the material formability, prone to springback parts on drawbead, can make the parts forming more fully, the stress distribution more uniform, thereby the springback decrease. Compared with metal mechanical parts, auto stamping parts of the test has the following characteristics: 1. Artifacts are often more complex, irregular shape, orientation, bearing, the clamping is difficult; 2. Artifacts are generally poor rigidity, the detection process of easy deviation caused by deformation; 3. Except a few small stamping parts, usually put the size of the stamping benchmark in body coordinate system to deal with, in addition to many of the characteristics of workpiece parts ( Such as hole, flange, etc. ) Compared with the adjacent grid line to indicate on the diagram to the distance dimensions, for most of the contours of ( Especially the free-form surface) Did not give a size values. At present, is also widely used the time to eighty to dimension of the grid pattern has been gradually replaced by CAD data. By the design department supply stamping parts, welding parts and automobile body CAD data can be as the manufacture of moulds, along with all the size according to the welding jig and fixture. Figure 1 for a car body coordinate system schematic diagram. Origin of coordinates is located at the middle point of the front axle, along the X, Y, Z axis parallel to the decoration of the network line with 100 mm spacing across the body, is used to clear all the points on the auto body, with the help of the Internet line the location of the various component can clear the car body. According to this, of course, also can make tabulation model had earlier using the coordinates of the grid dimension. A: metal stamping parts manufacturer to remind metal shell mould board security matters
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