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Stamping parts processing plant talk about mold sharpening

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
The stamping parts processing plant talks about mold sharpening. Mold sharpening means mold sharpening, that is, the cutting edge of the punch and the concave mold is worn. If it is not fast, it needs flat grinding to sharpen the cutting edge; mold sharpening needs to be sharpened. The cutting method restores the sharp blanking edge. When the die edge is worn to a certain degree, the burr of the stamping part will be too large and the quality will be reduced; therefore, the stamping part processing plant must sharpen the mold regularly to ensure Its sharp punching edge reduces punching burrs and size deviations and ensures the quality of stamping parts; regular sharpening of the mold can not only increase the service life of the mold, but also increase the service life of the stamping parts processing plant's machinery; recommended Article: What are the effects of unreasonable die clearance on stamping parts? Previous: What is the inspection method for welding quality of automotive stamping parts?
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