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Stamping test methods

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
To stamping parts stamping parts processing is to use a dedicated stamping equipment after testing the power, to stamping metal sheet metal in the mould deformation so that the stamping forming, to obtain a certain shape, size and performance of the product parts production technology. As people become more and more high to the requirement of the things, so we want to buy the hebei stamping parts stamping parts or stamping parts processing, how should we to stamping test? And we as a stamping parts processing of professional manufacturers, the following method to detect small we to teach you a few. Let people to choose to good product. When we buy the stamping parts in our daily life, we can observe first hardware stamping parts appearance whether there are abnormal phenomena appear, or the products there is a lack of implicit, if we do not choose this product. If there is one with gauze, can be clean gauze covering on the surface of stamping parts processing, the surface of the friction yarn net stampings, and polishing the entire surface, if its surface pitting appeared, the phenomenon such as indentation, do not buy this product. Or we apply the oil test method to the detection of stamping parts. First of all we need to wipe off the surface of stamping parts, and then with a clean brush smeared along one direction in the stamping on the surface, and its stamping underneath a light to test, then we can easily find stamping surface pitting, the generation of moire phenomenon. Stamping companies are strong specializing in the production of various kinds of stamping parts, and the stamping test methods. With many years of metal stamping parts processing process, high quality hardware stamping parts, low prices stamping parts processing, welcome you to come to the choose and buy. A: stamping processing main application
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