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The classification of the punching die

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Die is indispensable in the production of stamping die. Dongguan hardware stamping die can largely be divided into simple mode, continuous mode and composite mode 3 kinds. 1, simple die: a simple die is in the punch stroke only completed a process of punching die. Work article of material on the die along the two guide sent to between 9, touching the dowel pin 10 so far. The punch press down, down the parts ( Or waste) Enter the concave die hole, and the strip clamp punch and return with punch upward movement. Stock when encountering the stripper plate 8 ( On the die) Article is pushed down, such, is expected to continue to send into between the guide plate. Repeat the above action, at the first two parts. 2, continuous punching die, punch stroke at a time, in the mold at the same time on different parts of the complete collection of the stamping process of mold, known as the continuous mode. Work positioning pin 2 rushed out of the positioning hole in advance, the downward movement of upper die, blanking punch 1, piercing punch 4. When the upper die return, stripper plate 6 off the waste from the punch. At this time again to send into the blank 7 ahead, execute the second cutting. So, every time send into distance is controlled by blocking pin. 3, compound die: set up a file in the dongguan hardware stamping stroke at a time, in the mold of the same parts at the same time to complete collection of stamping process mould, called composite modulus. The biggest characteristic of composite modulus is one of the mould intensive 1. Intensive cylindrical blanking punch edge, inner hole is deep drawing die. When the slide block with intensive downward movement, the material in the first place in the intensive 1 and 4 lagged blanking die material. Fall of materials is lower die drawing punch 2 to resist, slider to continue downward movement, die with the downward movement of deep drawing. Ejection device and discharger on the slider 3 moulds 9 launch return in deep drawing. Composite modulus is suitable for high yield, high precision stamping parts. Hardware products factory in an article: the economy and manufacturability analysis of stamping parts
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