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The development direction of metal stamping die

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
At present, China's metal stamping technology is still quite backward compared with industrialized countries. The main reason is that our country has developed industry in basic stamping theory and forming technology, metal stamping die standardization, die design, metal stamping die manufacturing process and equipment, etc. There is still a considerable gap in the country, resulting in a considerable gap between China’s molds in terms of life, efficiency, processing accuracy, production cycle, etc. compared with the mold technology of industrialized countries; with the continuous improvement of industrial product quality, the production of metal stamping products It is showing the characteristics of multi-variety, small batch, complex, large-scale, precise, and fast replacement speed. Stamping dies are developing in the direction of high efficiency, precision, long life, and large-scale; in order to adapt to market changes, with computer technology and manufacturing technology The rapid development of stamping die design and manufacturing technology is changing from manual design, relying on manual experience and conventional machining technology to computer-aided design (CAD), CNC machining, CNC electrical machining as the core computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) ) Technological change; Recommended article: Stamping parts processing factory tells about the concept of stamping die Previous: How to improve the flatness of stamping parts?
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