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The forming process of hardware precision drawing stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-05-06
The metal stamping industry is an industry that covers a wide range of fields, such as the automotive industry, machinery industry, and electronic device industry. It goes deep into all aspects of manufacturing. In foreign countries, stamping is called sheet metal forming. Today, what I want to talk about is the forming process of metal precision drawing stamping parts.

Precision drawing stamping parts

Reverse stretch processing: Reverse stretch the stretched workpiece in the previous process, the inner side of the workpiece becomes the outer side, and the outer diameter of the workpiece is reduced.

Thinning and stretching processing: Use a punch to squeeze the formed container into a concave mold cavity that is slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the container, so that the outer diameter of the bottomed container is reduced, and the wall thickness is thinned, which eliminates the wall thickness Deviations make the surface of the container smooth.

Stretching processing: Use the pressing plate device to use the punching force of the punch to pull part or all of the flat material into the cavity of the concave mold to shape it into a container with a bottom. The processing in which the side wall of the container is parallel to the stretching direction is a simple stretching processing, while the stretching processing of conical (or pyramidal)-shaped containers, hemispherical containers, and parabolic surface containers also includes expansion processing.

Re-drawing processing of precision drawing stamping parts: that is, for deep drawing products that cannot be completed in one drawing process, the formed products need to be drawn again to increase the depth of the formed container.
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