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The influence of fully automatic stamping technology in stamping parts processing

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Fully automatic stamping processing technology is a necessary technical means to reduce the processing cost of metal stamping parts. The automatic stamping production line is a three-dimensional integrated large-scale production line, which can effectively improve the processing quality of metal stamping parts during use, and realize the automation of the whole city during the processing of the parts. The work efficiency of parts processing is improved, the demand for raw materials is reduced, and the work intensity of workers is reduced, so that the profit generated by the production of metal parts by the manufacturer has been greatly improved. The formation of stamping began with the most common production method in industrial manufacturing and is widely used in metal stamping parts manufacturing industries in home appliances, communications, auto repair, IT and other industries. At present, most metal parts manufacturers still use the traditional metal stamping parts processing method, that is, manual feeding is used. In the process of metal parts processing, this method is not only difficult to obtain high production efficiency, but also has certain safety hazards. It requires a large number of workers to cooperate to complete the work. Therefore, the labor intensity required by this method is very huge. . With the continuous reform of the education system, the cultural level of the labor force has also been significantly improved, the cost of labor has continued to increase, and there are only a handful of professionals with strong working capabilities. A large amount of waste of human resources will increase the cost of manufacturers and make Its economic benefits have declined. The emergence of the fully automatic stamping production line perfectly solves the problems existing in the traditional manual single-machine feed stamping production. It not only reduces the number of workers, but also reduces the production cost of manufacturers, which is an inevitable trend for the future development of metal stamping. In recent years, due to the continuous development and progress of information technology and electronic technology, the technology of industrial robots has become more and more mature. Many developed countries have realized the effective use of fully automatic stamping production lines in the stamping of metal parts during the production process. Facts have proved that the fully automatic stamping production line is of great significance and function for the additional stamping of metal. Article recommendation: What are the preparations before metal stamping process design? Previous post: Performance and characteristics of aluminum stamping parts
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