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The influence of the rigidity of the press on the metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
The metal stamping parts are processed by stamping processing equipment-a press. The rigidity of the press has a great influence on the quality of the metal stamping parts. A press with good rigidity has high processing accuracy. If the rigidity cannot reach the stamping product The quality of the stamping product will be affected; when processing medium and thick sheets of 3mm or more, the punching force concentrates the load on the slider, so the pressure must have sufficient rigidity. When using a C-shaped press If the pressure cannot be controlled below 60% of the nominal pressure, it will not only reduce the quality of the metal stamping parts, but also affect the life of the press. When blanking 0.8~1.2mm sheets, if the die gap is large, the verticality Good, it can slightly reduce the impact of the rigidity of the press on the metal stamping parts; in the bending forming of the stamping parts, the rigidity of the press also has a certain impact on the parts. The bending forming process generally uses A2 grade presses, such as for hardware When the precision of stamping sheet parts, especially the springback, is very strict, only the basic press of A1 can achieve the required precision. Because the thickness of the material is different, the required pressure rigidity is different, so which press to choose , The choice of the rigidity of the press is very important; the article recommends: How can auto stamping parts processing manufacturers improve product productivity? Previous post: The limit value of some metal stamping parts for burr height requirements
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