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The influencing factors of stamping parts dimensional accuracy

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Stamping parts size accuracy refers to the actual size stamping the difference between the size of the design, the smaller the difference, the higher the precision. Fall in an ideal world, the size of the objects the same size, edge and concave die, punching pieces the size of the same as the convex die cutting edge dimension. In fact, the result of the workpiece when cutting force certain elastic deformation, after cutting, the workpiece elastic recovery happens, causing fall materials size and die cutting edge dimension, punching parts is inconsistent with convex die cutting edge dimension and affect the size precision of the stamping parts. There are many factors affected the accuracy of stamping parts size, such as precision blanking clearance, die manufacturing, material properties and thickness, shape and size of stamping parts, etc. , the main factor is the blanking clearance. When the convex and concave die clearance is too large, in the process of blanking material by drawing effect is larger, thus drawing deformation. After cutting, due to the elasticity of the material that falls, materials that were smaller and punching a size larger. When the gap through the hours, because the material produced by convex and concave die extrusion compression deformation. Because of the elasticity of the material after cutting make fall materials size increases, and reduces the size of punching parts. The size of the stamping precision is associated with the properties and thickness of the material. Directly determines the sheet to the nature of the material in the process of blanking, elastic deformation of soft materials, elastic deformation is small, the elastic recovery after blanking also small, make the parts precision harder materials, elastic deformation is larger, the elastic recovery is bigger also, after cutting the parts precision blanking, low light elastic arch bending, elastic recovery, low accuracy of fabrication. In addition, the dimension precision is related to the part shape and size. Parts size is larger, the more complex shapes, mould making adjustment more difficult, mold clearance is not easy to ensure uniform, therefore, the greater the size deviation. The influence of above factors on stamping parts size accuracy is on the premise of mould manufacturing precision must be discussed. If the mould parts manufacturing precision is low, is also cannot be guaranteed to produce the parts precision. So, convex and concave mold manufacturing tolerance of blade size according to the size of the workpiece precision requirements to determine.
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