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The material requirements of precision metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-02-16
1, used for cutting material, should have enough plasticity, low hardness, in order to improve the impact cutting surface quality and dimensional accuracy. Among them, the soft material ( Such as brass) The cutting performance is good, hard material ( Such as stainless steel, high carbon steel) The impact of the cutting surface quality is poorer, brittle material easy to produce the phenomenon such as tear when cutting. 2, the material that used for bending, should have enough plasticity, low yield strength and high modulus of elasticity. Among them, the plastic material is not easy to bending crack, lower yield strength, high modulus of elasticity of the material springback smaller. 3, used for deep drawing of material, should has good plasticity, low yield strength and hardness, larger thickness direction coefficient. Among them, the hardness of materials difficult to deep drawing; Showed little or the material thickness directivity of big, easy to deep drawing. 4, material surface should be smooth level off, without defects such as scratch, scratch, so as not to affect the appearance quality of the products, and is convenient for stamping process and welding, painting and other follow-up processing. 5, the material thickness tolerance should satisfy certain requirements: if the material thickness error, not only directly affect the quality of stamping products and mould life, can even produce waste or destroy the mold. A: stainless steel stamping parts manufacturing process
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