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What are the deformation characteristics of bulging in the process of stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
There are a variety of stamping processes in the processing of stamping parts. Stamping refers to various stamping processes other than bending, deep drawing, and cold extrusion, including forming processes such as bulging, flanging, necking, shaping, and spinning. Change the shape and size of the blank or process parts through the local deformation of the material. Today we are talking about the stamping characteristics of the bulging process; 1. Bulging is an undulating forming process in which tubular stamping parts or hollow stamping parts are expanded radially outward. In terms of deformation properties, this forming process is basically the same as the local convex deformation of a flat blank. Therefore, the forming of convex or concave on the plane or curved surface of the blank is collectively referred to as bulging. 2. Deformation characteristics of bulging in the process of stamping parts 1. Under normal circumstances, the metal surface in the bulging deformation zone is smooth and of good quality, without instability and wrinkles. Since the thickness of the blank of the stamped part is extremely small relative to the outer dimension of the blank, the change in the thickness direction of the blank is very small during bulging, and the distribution from the inner surface to the outer surface of the blank is relatively uniform. Therefore, when the bulging force is removed, The inner and outer springback directions of the parts are the same, the springback is small, the shape of the stamping parts is easy to maintain, and the accuracy is easy to guarantee. 2. Bulging is a kind of elongation deformation. The better the plasticity of the stamping material and the greater the value of the hardening index n, the greater the possible ultimate deformation. In addition, the mold structure, part shape, lubrication conditions and material thickness all affect the deformation of the metal in the bulging zone. Source of the article: Analysis of the shaping process in the process of metal stamping parts Previous: Introduction to the shaping process of bending stamping parts
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