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What are the manufacturability of the materials used to make metal stamping parts molds?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
In the production of metal stamping parts, the most important equipment required is stamping dies. The quality of stamping dies is related to the quality of metal stamping parts. Therefore, stamping parts processing manufacturers have high requirements for the manufacture of stamping dies. The material of the mold is particularly important, and it should have the following technological properties; 1. It must have low resistance to hot forging deformation and a wide forging temperature range; 2. It must have strong cutting performance and low surface roughness; 3. It must have The annealing hardness is low and the fluctuation range is small; 4. After quenching, it must have a uniform and high surface hardness; it can be hardened by using a mild quenching medium; 5. It must have good oxidation resistance during high temperature heating and slow decarburization. It is not sensitive to heating medium and is not easy to produce pitting; stamping parts processing manufacturers have high requirements for metal stamping parts mold making materials. Only with good processing performance can it be ensured that metal stamping parts are processed without bad craftsmanship. Defects, etc.; article recommendation: What factors are related to the durability of stamping die? Previous post: Causes of chip jumping in stamping parts processing and preventive measures
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