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What are the requirements for the front view of the stamping die?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
Before producing the stamping parts, we must first design the stamping die, of course, we must design the stamping die assembly drawing; when designing the die assembly drawing, what should we pay attention to? Let's take a look below; 1. On the main view of the mold, we should try to draw all the parts of the stamping mold, including cross-sectional views, half-sectional views or partial views. If some parts cannot be clearly expressed, other views can be added; 2. The drawn stamping mold should generally be in a closed state, or close to the closed state, or half of it can be closed and the other half in an unclosed state; 3. Before drawing the main view of the stamping mold, roughly calculate the entire view. The length and width of the frame can be selected to facilitate the selection of the appropriate proportions for drawing. After the main view is drawn, a gap of 50-60MM is generally maintained between the surrounding views and other views or the outer frame line; 4. The parts on the stamping mold assembly drawing Part of the process structure, such as chamfers, fillets, undercuts, pits, bosses, knurling, engraved lines and other details can not be drawn. Bolts, nuts, pins and other line segments generated by chamfering are also allowed to be omitted For the connection of the same component group, such as bolts, screws, and pins, it is allowed to draw one or several places, and the rest can be represented by a dotted line to indicate the center position; 5. The drawing method of the spring on the assembly drawing of the stamping part mold, The structure blocked by the spring does not need to be drawn. The visible part of the outline only needs to draw the spring section center or the spring outer diameter outline. The section with the spring diameter less than or equal to 2mm in the figure can be blacked out or drawn with a schematic diagram. The spring is also You can use a simplified drawing method, that is, a two-dot chain line to indicate the outline, and a cross two-dot chain line in the middle to indicate; Recommended article: How to maintain the press machine for processing metal stamping parts? Previous post: What technical requirements should the quality of stamping parts meet?
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