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What are the technical requirements for the quality of stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
Stamping parts generally have technical requirements. Only when such requirements are met can they be considered qualified. So what are the technical requirements? Let's briefly talk about it below; 1. The raw materials of stamping parts must have quality certificates; 2. The raw materials used in stamping parts must meet the requirements of relevant metal material standards and meet the needs of users; 3. The shape and dimensional tolerances of stamping parts Selection of the provisions of JB4379; 4. Various stamping parts should be free of defects, cracks, wrinkles, etc.; 5. Except for the punching surface, the surface condition of the stamping parts is consistent with the sheet material used, and slight slightness is allowed during the forming process. The drawing lines and local small surface unevenness; Recommended article: The maintenance essentials of the punching and concave molds in the stamping parts processing plant Previous: Wrinkles and cracks in the processing of deep drawing stamping parts
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