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What are the working nature of metal stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-15
People usually say of metal stamping parts are generally refers to the cold stamping parts, for example, a piece of iron plate, want to turn it into a fast food dish, then have to design a set of mold, the mold of the working face is the shape of the plate, with the iron mould pressure, they became plate you want, this is the cold stamping, is directly used mold for stamping metal materials. Metal stamping parts is some steel or nonferrous metal parts processing, processing methods: cold/hot stamping, extrusion, rolling, welding, cutting, etc. Also include some other process, defined more broadly. Stamping parts: hardware processing use most inside, refers to the premise, at room temperature/non-ferrous metals such as steel plate with mold, provided by the press processing required for a given pressure forming shape. Metal stamping parts are widely used in every field of our mouth, including electronics, auto parts, decorative materials such as metal stamping parts processing is power by means of conventional or special stamping equipment, the deformation of sheet metal in the mould is directly force and deformation, thereby gaining a certain shape, size and performance of the production technology of product parts. Sheet metal, stamping mould and equipment is processing of the three elements. Cold stamping processing is a kind of metal deformation processing method. So, called cold stamping or sheet metal stamping, stamping for short. It is plastic metal processing ( Or pressure processing) One of the main methods, also belongs to the material molding engineering technology. Metal stamping parts and castings, forgings, compared with a thin, uniform, the characteristics of light and strong. Metal stamping parts stamping can make other methods are difficult to manufacture with reinforcing rib, rib flanging, ups and downs, or artifacts, in order to improve its stiffness. Because use precision mould, workpiece precision can reach micron grade, and repeat precision is high, the specification is consistent, can punch a hole nest, convex sets, etc. A: plastic wood card buckle - stainless steel - Card buckle installation considerations
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