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What is a set of stainless steel card?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
1 definition of stainless steel, stainless steel ferrule joint card set of joints with connecting firmly, compression ability, high temperature resistance, sealing and good repeatability, convenient installation and maintenance, safe and reliable work, etc. 2, card sets of stainless steel pipe connector of cutting sleeve type consists of three parts: the joint body, card sets, nut. When the card set and nut set on the steel tube inserted into the connector body, screw nut, card sets of front lateral with joint body cone joint, the blade evenly bite seamless steel tube, an effective seal. But jing machinery production card sleeve joint has corrosion resistance, resistance to high pressure, installation is simple and durable. 3, stainless steel card sets of the working principle of the working principle of card sleeve joint be set inside the insert pipe, use card sleeve nut locking, resistance card sets, cut into the tube and sealing. It don't need to be welded with steel pipe connection, which is beneficial to fire, explosion and aerial work, and can eliminate the disadvantages of welding inadvertently bring. But jing machinery specialized in the production of card sleeve joint. Thus it is oil refining, chemical, oil, natural gas, food, pharmaceutical, instruments and meters system control devices such as a more advanced pipeline fittings. Apply to oil, gas, water pipeline connection, etc. A: metal stamping parts design principles have?
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