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What is the manufacturability of stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
The manufacturability of stamping parts refers to the adaptability of stamping parts to the stamping process, that is, whether the structural shape, size, precision requirements and materials of the stamping parts meet the process requirements of stamping processing; generally speaking, stamping with good manufacturability It can ensure low material consumption, small number of procedures, simple mold structure, stable product quality, and low cost. It can also make technical preparation and production organization and management economical and reasonable; in process design, first analyze the process of stamping parts The purpose is to lay the foundation for the formulation of the process plan. The processability of stamping parts mainly includes the following two aspects: 1. Conduct process review on stamping product drawings, and carefully analyze and study the shape characteristics, size and size of stamping parts according to product drawings. Accuracy requirements, the mechanical properties, process performance and use performance of the materials used, and the possibility of springback, warping, distortion, and slack, so as to understand their influence on the difficulty of stamping; when analyzing product drawings , And pay special attention to the limit dimensions of the parts (such as minimum punching size, minimum narrow groove width, minimum hole spacing and hole edge distance, minimum bending radius, minimum drawing fillet radius, etc.), dimensional tolerances, design benchmarks and other Special requirements; 2. If you find that the workmanship of the stamping parts is poor, you should work with the product designer to make appropriate modifications to the shape, size, precision requirements and the selection of raw materials of the stamping parts without affecting the use of the product. If necessary, the product design department should be recommended to redesign. Recommended article: Metal stamping die manufacturing conditions and technical level Previous post: Does the choice of metal raw materials affect the stamping process?
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