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What is the problem of the impact line in the stamping processing plant in the stamping processing plant?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
Compared with ordinary thin-plate drawing parts, the stamping parts processed by automobile stamping parts processing plants are characterized by relatively small material thickness, large structural size, complex shape, high dimensional accuracy and surface quality requirements; when forming automotive stamping parts, The deformation of each part of the blank is complicated, the difference is also relatively large, and the stress is uneven everywhere, so it is easy to produce surface defects such as springback, wrinkling, cracking, and stamping line; today stamping parts processing plants briefly talk about the impact line; the impact line It is caused by the deviation of the contact point between the material and the punch in the forming process of the stamping part and the different resistance during the material forming. The bottom sheet moves through the top of the punch, and the static friction on the surface is transformed into a trace formed by the impact caused by dynamic friction; The reason for the line generation is generally that there is poor resistance during the sheet metal forming process, or the bottom surface of the part is deformed; according to the deformation tendency of the stamping part, the distribution of the stretching deformation of the stamping part along the periphery of the blank in the deformation zone is Uneven, the area at the straight edge of the blank is smaller than the area at the round corner of the blank, so the deformation force required to produce compression deformation at the straight edge is less than the deformation force at the round corner. Due to the unevenness of the punch contacting the sheet material, the bottom The pattern change occurs in the process of sheet metal flow, that is, the impact line generated during the transformation from the initial bulging to the deep drawing process. The curved surface is formed as a continuous whole. During the continuous flow of the sheet material, the displacement of the impact line is constant. Increased, the maximum displacement of the impact line is at the highest point of the punch ascending, that is, at the end of forming; the problem of the impact line has become more and more obvious, and it has also become a linear surface defect in the processing of stamping parts. The production efficiency of stamping parts brings a lot of difficulties to mold design and maintenance at the same time; article recommendation: causes and improvement measures of deformation in the processing of aluminum alloy stamping parts Previous: Steps and characteristics of making round stamping parts;
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