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What should be paid attention to during the debugging process of stamping die?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
The stamping parts processing plant should pay attention to the following aspects when debugging the stamping part mold; 1. The strip used for the test mold should be kept straight and free of impurities in the length direction; 2. The stamping plate used for the test mold , Its brand and mechanical properties must meet the requirements specified on the product drawing; 3. When trying out the mold, the stamping mold should be used on the specified equipment required, and the die must be firmly installed when installing the die; 4. The width of the strip used for the trial mold should also meet the requirements specified in the process regulations; 5. Before the debugging of the stamping part mold, the punching mold must be inspected comprehensively, and then it can be installed on the press after the inspection is correct; 6. Each punching mold The movable parts must be lubricated with lubricant before the mold test; 7. Before the mold test, check whether the unloading and ejector are flexible; 8. Look at the die edge, sharpen and trim in advance, and check first The uniformity of some gaps; it can be installed on the press after it is determined to be suitable; 9. The first stamping part at the beginning of the trial mold should be carefully checked. If it is found to be unqualified or the mold movement is abnormal, it should be shut down immediately for inspection; 10. Molded products are generally no less than 20 pieces, and they should be properly stored as a basis for delivering the mold; Recommended article: Requirements for the materials and shapes of deep-drawn metal stamping parts Previous: Stamping parts processing factory talk about stamping parts Processing times and order
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