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What should be paid attention to in the design of continuous die for stamping parts?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
With the development of society, stamping products have been popularized in various industries, and the molds used for processing stamping parts are also diverse. Each type of mold has its own unique functions and characteristics. Today I will talk about continuous molds; continuous mold design requirements The parts must have sufficient strength, and the selection of materials must not be wrong. The design must take into account all aspects of operation, adjustment, installation, repair, and transportation to ensure the safety of the operator at work; the number of steps must be reasonably determined, and the stamping The number of work steps of the continuous die is equal to the sum of the decomposed single processes, such as punching and blanking. In order to increase the strength of the stamping die and facilitate the installation of the punch, it can sometimes be completed in several steps according to the number of inner holes. Among them, the principle of determining the number of steps is mainly under the principle of not affecting the strength of the die. The less the number of steps, the better, the smaller the number of steps, the smaller the cumulative error, and the precision of the punched parts. Higher; in multi-step stamping continuous molds, usually follow the procedures of punching, cutting, grooving, bending, forming, cutting, etc. in sequence; in the design, the formed parts of each step must not be damaged , To keep the strip material on the same feeding line; if the forming and blanking are completed on the same stamping die, the forming punch and the punching punch should be fixed separately, not on the same fixed plate, try to put the punch Fix it on the stripper plate, and add a back plate at the back; for the fixing method of the punch, in the continuous punching, the hanging table and the counter pressure block shall be fixed to ensure that the punch will not fall during continuous punching. Damage to the mold; article recommendation: how to arrange the processing sequence of metal stamping parts? Previous post: Brief introduction of flanging in stamping parts processing technology
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