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Why is the processing of metal stamping parts sometimes not separated completely?

by:Fortuna     2021-03-05
When stamping parts processing manufacturers process metal stamping parts, sometimes there is a phenomenon that the waste and the product are not completely separated. Why does this happen? Let's briefly talk about it below; 1. Excessive clearance is one of the reasons for incomplete separation of waste, or large burrs. The size of the blank depends on the size of the die, and the gap depends on the punch; 2. The edge of the scrap If the height is not enough or too low, it will cause poor contact between the upper and lower blades during trimming, which will cause incomplete separation of waste and metal stamping parts; it can be used to repair scrap knives or increase the height of the mounting seat of the scrap knives; 3. During the debugging stage, due to the unstable state of the mold, the closing height of the metal stamping parts appears to be insufficient; recommended article: The selection of the stamping parts processing equipment is very important for the manufacturer. Previous: The stamping parts processing factory briefly talk about the riveting process
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