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11 kinds of common stamping defects!

by:Fortuna     2020-05-26
Parts of any mistakes may seriously affect the subsequent use of the parts, and may cause unavailability or poor performance. Therefore, when the parts are processed, they must be carefully tested. Whether by the naked eye or relevant test instruments. Although the present processing technology compared with traditional processing technology has made great improvement and obvious improvement, but in the actual processing process, also will be affected by human factors or processing equipment. As a result, some defective parts or artifacts are processing. In the actual machining process, can appear sometimes stamping parts are defective or bad products, there will be some defects in the process, as a result of the existence of these defects, will seriously affect the quality of stamping parts, lead to defect or an increase in the number of defective products. What is the defect of stamping parts? Now let us begin to understand it. Common defects are 11: crack, accumulation, wavy, hair, deformation, burr, lack of materials, size does not match, pits, packaging and broken. These are the common stamping defects, these are flawed or defective products. In view of the above defects, we must in time before the products leave the factory on the product quality inspection, to ensure that product quality is good, play a major role. To wholesale customers, we can refer to these aspects in the actual wholesale, as an important standard of judgment of stamping parts, also is the important premise of wholesale decisions.
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