One Stop Solution Manufacturer for all kind of Stamping Products and CNC lathed products.



Our factory has strong design and R&D capability and 8 R&D personnel responsible for mold design and technical evaluation with more than 10 years of experience in the stamping and CNC filed.
With the introduction of low-speed wire cutting machines (MITSUBISHI), milling machines, grinding machines and other equipment, we are able to produce a variety of hard and high-precision metal-grade progressive dies with stable quality.
Fortuna currently has 63 sets of punching machines weighing from 25T to 220T and 42 imported Japanese CNC lathes, which can fully meet the diverse requirements of customer products and order requirements.
Fortuna has its own complete quality control system for strictly controling the quality of all finished products and a favorable product delivery time, ensuring satisfactory one-stop service for customers.


Fortuna is equipped with its own processing equipment which can independently process, produce, inspect products greatly accelerating product delivery and improving quality control.


Fortuna has a professional after-sales service team with a good reputation, providing comprehensive after-sales service for metal stamping parts. We will respond to customers within 24 hours and solve customer problems quickly within 48 hours.

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