One Stop Solution Manufacturer for all kind of Stamping Products and CNC lathed products.




Fortuna is equipped with its own processing equipment which can independently process, produce, inspect products greatly accelerating product delivery and improving quality control.


Fortuna has a professional after-sales service team with a good reputation, providing comprehensive after-sales service for metal stamping parts. We will respond to customers within 24 hours and solve customer problems quickly within 48 hours.



Automatic riveting plug connector
Riveting wire terminal
Long-axis lathed part
Beryllium copper precision terminal



  • Mr.Shu

    Head of the Engineering Department  -  12 years of experience

    Mr. Shu has over 12 years of experience in the precision stamping industry. He is currently the head of the engineering department and is responsible for managing the entire product development process. He is familiar with the design and assembly of precision terminals, connector terminals, shrapnel, etc. He can effectively modify and provide advice on issues that arise during product development and production. It is undeniable that he is the backbone of our R&D department. He has unique insights into precision hardware products and can effectively solve customer technical problems.

  • Mr.Li

    Senior Engineer  -  10 years of experience

    Mr.Li  has more than 10 years of experience in precision hardware mold design, and is proficient in using various design softwares such as Solidwork, Pro/E and  CAD. He has rich experience in electronic components, PC precision terminals, mobile phone precision shrapnel, mobile phone motor, home appliance shrapnel, etc. The precision of the design drawing is strictly controled within ±0.01mm. The design adopts a special drawing method. He can provide effective modification suggestions for the defects in the finished product. He is one of  the main engineers in Dongguan Fortuna.

  • Mr.Ye

    Senior Engineer  -  10 years of experience 

    Mr.Ye has over 10 years of experience in precision metal mold design. He specializes in mold design and manufacturing and is proficient in a variety of design software such as Solidworks, Pro/E, and CAD. He has unique insights into the design of precision connectors, automotive connectors, and a variety of complex shrapnel. In addition, he is familiar with the mechanical properties of various raw materials and various surface treatments. He is outgoing and good at communicating with clients. In addition, he can often come up with creative and constructive design solutions that play a decisive role in product development.

  • Steven Yan

    Project Engineer  -  7 years of experience

    Steven has a 7-year mold design background and excellent English communication skills. He is able to independently design complex precision progressive dies and has unique insights into the process and design requirements of various products. He has a good understanding of the mechanical properties of various raw materials and product surface treatment requirements. In addition, he is able to communicate with overseas clients on technology and project evaluation in English. He has been providing quality services to Fortuna's overseas clients.

  • Ms.Yue

    Senior Engineer  -  10 years of experience

    Ms.Yue has 10 years of experience in the production of quality procedure documents and work instructions, and is familiar with various international quality management systems and standards. Through standardized management and control of each process, it will escort the pre-assessment and mass production of products. At the same time, she knows the special characteristics of various processes and raw materials, and can provide reasonable management and control suggestions for different products.

  • Mr.Zhao

    The head of the quality department  -  15 years experience

    Mr. Zhao  has accumulated over 15 years of experience in quality control in the precision hardware parts industry. Currently, he is responsible for managing the entire quality control process as the head of the quality control department. He specializes in a variety of international quality systems such as IATF16949, ISO9001 and ISO14001. He can efficiently use MSA, APQP, FMEA, SPC, and PPAP to monitor all production processes. He has made significant contributions to the company's quality control over the years.

  • Mr.Chen

    SQE  -  10 years of experience

    Mr. Chen has been engaged in quality control in the precision metal parts industry for more than 10 years. He is well aware of the mechanical properties of raw materials and the various surface treatments that are widely used in the precision hardware industry. He has provided good advice for buyers and engineers to choose subcontractors. He has extensive expertise in a variety of supplier audit processes, including quality system audits and process audits such as supplier annual audits, new supplier qualification audits, etc. He can fully complete supplier evaluation and supplier quality control to ensure smooth mass production of the product.

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Dongguan Fortuna was established in 2003. It has a factory area of 16,000 square meters and 180 employees.

It is a professional manufacturer of precision metal stamping parts, such as various terminals, metal sheets, lead frames and connector plug accessories. In addition, we can also produce complex CNC lathed parts made of various materials. Most metal products are mainly used for mobile phones, fax machines, connectors, and plugs, etc. as well as the electrical and automotive fields.

Products are exported to Japan, the United States, Germany, the Czech Republic and other foreign countries.



Development status of my country's automotive stamping parts industry.
The development of auto parts stamping parts industry is basically driven by the domestic auto market. In recent years, the development of the automotive market has been relatively slow, so the development of the automotive stamping parts industry is also relatively difficult. Next, let's take a look at the current development of China's automotive stamping parts industry.
How to solve the offset of bending stamping parts during bending?
Stamping factories will have various problems when producing stamping parts, resulting in waste of cost, reduction in production efficiency and so on. Therefore, we need to understand the causes of these problems and conduct analysis and verification to avoid problems. This article will introduce the reasons and solutions for the offset of bending stamping parts during the bending process.
What are the emphasis on the selection of materials for stamping parts?
There are many materials for stamping parts, and the quality of the materials determines the quality of the finished stamping parts. Metal stamping factories should pay enough attention to the selection of materials, and they must do a good job in quality control from the source. So, what's the point of choosing stamping materials? Don't worry, Dongguan Fortuna will tell you next.


Can DG Fortuna make design drawings for me?

We do not provide design services. You are responsible for submitting 2D and 3D CAD drawings, and we can then provide a Design for Manufacturing review upon receiving your order.

What type of design files does DG Fortuna need for quoting?

In order to provide an accurate and timely quote, we only accept CAD file and 3D files in STEP or IGES format. 2D drawings with reference dimensions must be in PDF format. We must receive complete manufacturing information as part of this technical documentation.

How long does a quotation take?

In most cases, we respond within two days of receiving an RFQ. If the quote is delayed, we will notify you as soon as possible.

How does DG Fortuna compare to other suppliers on price?

Although direct comparisons are difficult, DG Fortuna’s prices will be typically 20-40% less for CNC machining parts and metal stamping parts when compared to suppliers in North America and Europe.

As compared to Chinese suppliers, we choose to not to compete on price but to offer the highest levels of quality, good service and professional results.

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