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Dongguan Fortuna was established in 2003. It has a factory area of 16,000 square meters and 180 employees.

It is a professional manufacturer of precision metal stamping parts, such as various terminals, metal sheets, lead frames and connector plug accessories. In addition, we can also produce complex CNC lathed parts made of various materials. Most metal products are mainly used for mobile phones, fax machines, connectors, and plugs, etc. as well as the electrical and automotive fields.

Products are exported to Japan, the United States, Germany, the Czech Republic and other foreign countries.

What are the technical requirements of metal stamping parts customers?
With the development of society, metal stamping parts of various materials have been popularized in all walks of life. For stamping processing plants, some technical requirements need to be met in the processing and production of stamping parts. Dongguan Fortuna has been engaged in customized processing services for precision stamping parts for nearly 20 years, and summarized the following technical requirements for your reference.
How to solve the surface defect of stamping parts?
Stamping parts are widely used, including automotive, medical, electronics and other industries. Stamping factories are very important when processing high-quality stamping parts. During the stamping process, many defects will appear on the surface of the product. In the processing of stamping parts, problems such as impact lines, slip lines, collapse, dents, surface deformation, etc. sometimes occur. For stamping parts, no external surface defects are allowed. So what caused these surface defects? Next, Dongguan Fortuna will analyze it for everyone.
What factors affect the galvanizing of metal stamping parts?
In order to make metal stamping parts beautiful and prevent corrosion, stamping parts manufacturers usually choose to galvanize the surface of the product. The application fields of electro-galvanization are very wide, including machinery manufacturing, 3C electronics, precision instruments, chemical industry, medical industry, aerospace and so on. In the actual production process of the stamping plant, what factors will affect the quality of electrogalvanized? Dongguan Fortuna will give you a specific analysis.


Can DG Fortuna make design drawings for me?

We do not provide design services. You are responsible for submitting 2D and 3D CAD drawings, and we can then provide a Design for Manufacturing review upon receiving your order.

What type of design files does DG Fortuna need for quoting?

In order to provide an accurate and timely quote, we only accept CAD file and 3D files in STEP or IGES format. 2D drawings with reference dimensions must be in PDF format. We must receive complete manufacturing information as part of this technical documentation.

How long does a quotation take?

In most cases, we respond within two days of receiving an RFQ. If the quote is delayed, we will notify you as soon as possible.

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