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With the continuous innovation of science and technology, the iterative update speed of consumer electronic products has accelerated. At the same time, people's consumption level continues to improve, and the requirements and expectations for electronic products have also increased. Among the components of these consumer electronic products, metal stamping products, and CNC, The assembly of parts is dominant. The current development trend of electronic products is mainly the application of smartphones, smart homes, electrical appliances, and other products developed based on Internet of Things technology.


Because of this, the requirements for the metal parts of products are also highly demanding regarding conductivity and stability. The review of characteristics such as durability and durability is rigorous. Fortuna is also experienced in electronic metal stamping products as a professional manufacturer of customized metal stamping parts. Our products are mainly used in computers, communications, and consumer electronics. The customers we cooperate with include Panasonic, Procter & Gamble, and other well-known companies. They have also received recognition and praise for their products and have always been their metal stamping parts suppliers. Therefore, Fortuna also has profound experience in producing metal stamping parts for electronic products, and the quality and performance of its products are also trustworthy.


For more than 20 years, the electronic metal stamping products manufactured by Fortuna have been recognized by the industry, and it is the most trusted supplier of electronic metal stamping parts by its partners. We have introduced a large number of advanced metal stamping equipment to improve the production efficiency and product quality of our products; we have implemented various lean management, production, quality, packaging, and shipping standard processes to provide better solutions for the production of various types of customized electronic stamping parts. A comprehensive approach can greatly meet the unique needs of customer electronic products. Fortuna has strong capabilities in product design and manufacturing of electronic products. It mainly provides support services such as customization, optimization, and assembly of products based on customer needs. The components of the electronic products we produce are mainly produced using high-end precision progressive dies and imported 5-axis CNC lathes. At the same time, the entire processing process is automated, using camera vision systems and sensor technology for monitoring and arranging professional technology. Personnel are responsible for the daily repair, maintenance, and testing of each machine to ensure that the parts produced accurately meet customer needs and achieve zero defects and no errors.

The consumer electronic metal stamping parts we mainly produce are widely used, including smart hubs and controllers, cameras, refrigerators, smart plugs, computers and tablets, smartwatches, mobile phones, and other electronic products. These metal parts are essential in material selection. , size, tolerance, surface treatment, and packaging are strictly controlled in every aspect to ensure that the products produced are of high quality and robust performance.


Our team is very professional in the process, from receiving customer drawings precise calculations, and proposing optimization plans to subsequent sample production, trial production orders, and mass production orders, providing customers with comprehensive solutions that meet customer needs. Putting it first, ensuring punctuality, quality, and quantity also aligns with our company's long-standing business philosophy - 0PPM.

The following table shows the electronic products our company mainly supplies for metal stamping parts :



handheld power tools

Smart plugs and power strips

Lighting Product

Household appliance heating and cooling device

Intelligent security system

Computer electronic product

smart Lock

Smart vehicle technolog

Connected audio device


smart watch

Handheld AR device

smart glasses

wearable fitness tracker

electric toothbrush

Smart hubs and controllers

Electronic wheelchair equipment

Fortuna has focused on the metal stamping industry for over 20 years and has become the first choice for electronic metal stamping parts for many well-known companies. Our products are not only able to maintain the best quality but are also highly reasonable in price. All our production processes have strict quality controls. We have a certificate authorized by the ISO 9001:2015 national quality management system. Therefore, Fortuna Can become the best choice for metal stamping parts suppliers for customer electronic products. 



sensor components





Precision shrapnel


Flexible parts

Conductive sheet

Electrical core

Electrical valves


Beryllium copper

Carbon steel





Alloy copper

Phosphor bronze

Stainless steel

Galvanized steel

Nickel-iron alloy


The specific grades of stamping parts and CNC processing materials are:

Red copper (C1100, C10200), brass ( C2680, C 2600 ), beryllium copper ( C17200 ), alloy copper (CUSN38PB2, H62, C3604, C3600, C14500, C17300), aluminum (AL6262, AL6061), iron (12L14), Stainless steel (SUS304, SUS303, SUS316L) pure nickel (N6) and other raw materials. Other materials can be purchased according to customer requirements.

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